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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


Hello beauties
     We all love smooth-silky-lustrous hair. We often come across shampoos, conditioners, oils and many other hair products claiming such results, but we experience disappointment.
     Here is my DIY hair mask formula to get smooth-silky-lustrous hair.

     Hair oil

  • Take 2-4 bananas (depends on your hair volume).  
  • Make paste of it.  
  • Add 2-3 spoon honey to it.  
  • Add 3-4 spoon hair oil (of your choice).
How to use:
  •     Apply the paste on your hair.  
  •     Keep the mask on your hair for one hour.                    
  •  Wash your hair ( use your regular shampoo). 
  • You are done. Now flaunt ur smooth-silky-lustrous hair in style.                                      

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