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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Hello beauties
       We all love silky long hairs. But at some point of time we all face the problem of split end of hairs. Split ends suck, and they can slow down your hair growth. 
   If you currently have split ends, you absolutely want to take care of them right away. The longer you hold on to split ends, the further those splits will travel up the hair shaft, until eventually you’re left with extremely damaged and broken hair.
     When we got split hair we just rush to the parlour. Stop making trips to parlour. Save your time and save your money. Here is my DIY method to cut your split hairs without reduction in your hair length.

 Steps to cut your split hair 

     Shampoo your hair 

Conditioned your hair                          

Let it dry                                            

Bring all your hair together            

 Twist it . Do it with  small small sections for better results.                                                    

Split hairs will pop up out of the twist    


   Cut the pop out hairs

You are done . :-)                                         

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