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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

DIY- Night Cream

           Everyone loves makeup; at least a daily nude makeup. Those who don't     like    makeup also use some simple daily cream.    After tough day time our skin get the night    to get relaxed and to breath. So we all look    for  a good night cream.
          Here is Sanaya Saloni's DIY methods to prepare your own night cream which   is   more organic and preservatives free.

         Aloe vera gel (1 spoon)
         Rose water (2 spoons)
         Badam oil (1/2 spoon)
         Glycerin (1/2 spoon)

        Mix these ingredients well. Apply this        at night to clean face with gentle                      massage.

               Note:  Always prepare it in small         quantities as you have to finish it quickly     because its preservatives free.
            Store it in your fridge in order    to          lengthen its durability.

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