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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

DIY - Rose Water

            We know that rose water has several   benefits for our skin. But the rose water         that are available in the market contains       preservatives. Preservatives are some           chemicals used in all most all products to     increase there longevity.
            So today I am gonna share my idea of   preparing rose water at home. Its very           easy, cheap and natural which will pamper   your skin without any micro side effect.


  1    Take your required amount of water ( 1         cup) in a container and boil it.

  2    when water starts evaporating , switch         off the burner.

  3    Put your fresh,organic rose petals (1               rose) in it and cover it with a lid.

  4    when the water get cooler filter it into a         small bottle ( any of your like ) .

                   Note:  Always prepare it in small   quantities as you have to finish it quickly because its preservatives free.
            Store it in your fridge in order    to         lengthen its durability.

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