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Friday, 10 February 2017

DIY- Hair Setting Spray

Hello beauties
              We all have different types of hair; some have straight hair and some have curly hair. Apart from our original hair type we love to give our hair different look by using straightener or curler available in market. But the problem is it does not last long so in order to maintain the hair look for some hours we need hair setting spray. But the hair setting spray that are available in the market are too pricey.
    So here is my DIY method to prepare your own hair setting spray.

      Rose water (optional)

      Take 1 glass water and boil it. When water starts boiling squeeze 1/2 lemon to it. Boil the lemon skin too for fragrance. Add 1 spoon glycerin to it. Add 1-2 spoon rose water if you want fragrance.
       Now cool it and pour it in to your spray bottle.

       Note: Always prepare it in small quantities as you have to finish it quickly because its preservatives free.
            Store it in your fridge in order to         lengthen its durability.

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